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Entrepreneurship is hard: deal with it. - PDF

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Ask François Lambert about being an entrepreneur and he'll tell you the title of his book says it all: it's hard to run your own business! Faded, what's left to look forward to?

François Lambert explores a range of topics that will appeal to anyone thinking of starting their own business as they are navigating an entrepreneurial path or curious to take a look behind the scenes. scenes.

Drawing on his own day-to-day experience as a businessman, François gives readers honest insight and top tips on everything from financing and marketing to managing workload and human resources as he shares his passion for entrepreneurship and all its challenges.

François Lambert has a reputation for speaking his mind as one of the dragons on Quebec's version of the popular TV show Dragon's Den. Inside his tough shell, however, is a renowned public speaker who loves to share his knowledge with others. François has a degree in finance and economics from the University of Quebec at Hull. He earned his business as a communications consultant before co-founding Aheeva, a company specializing in call center software solutions and Atelka, one of the largest contact centers in Canada. He recently got a new adventure with Boostmi, a roadside assistance app.