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Tasting box Olives et gourmandises - ITALIAN

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This tasting box contains:

  • Milanese gremolata olive oil (subtle taste of fresh parsley, lemon and garlic)
  • Balsamic with Sicilian lemon (perfectly balanced acidity, clean and crisp lemon scent)
  • Wild mushrooms and sage oil (da delicious combination of fresh herb sage and savory wild mushrooms)
  • Balsamic Italian herbs (rosemary, marjoram, thyme, garlic and sage)

The products can be taken individually of course, but you can enjoy them in marriage, they are placed next to each other because they go so well together!

The ideal hostess or host gift!

All olive oils are certified HOVE (extra virgin olive oil) and are therefore from a first cold pressing offering an incomparable taste and properties beneficial to health.

By choosing olive oils and balsamic vinegars Olives and sweets, you make sure of a great quality and exceptional freshness.

Quantity: 4x60ml