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Biography François Lambert


Entrepreneur, Farmer, Author and Speaker

A successful entrepreneur, François Lambert co-founded Atelka, the largest call center in Canada, as well as Aheeva, a technology company present in 75 countries. He has invested in more than a dozen companies in his career, including Boostmi, a roadside assistance application, nGUVU, an employee mobilization platform, UNDZ underwear, Acier St-Jérôme and various real estate projects.

In December 2018, he launched his own online store,, where he sells products from his maple grove and some of his company's products. Based on his success, he has since released a platform of visibility to Quebec entrepreneurs by selling their products on his website.

Known to the public for his remarkable participation on Radio-Canada's show Dans l’œil du dragon (the French version of Dragon’s Den), François Lambert is also the author of two books on entrepreneurship: À prendre ou à laisser (reissued in XNUMX, in French only) and (reissued in 2019) and Entrepreneurship Is Hard : Deal with It. (translated to English in XNUMX), . in which he conveys his passion for business and deconstructs persistent myths about entrepreneurship. He also wrote Qu’est-ce que j’en pense ? (2019), an opinion piece in which he candidly addresses XNUMX current issues in Quebec. What do I think ? (2018), an opinion book where he offers his opinion straight away on 30 Quebec issues.

In conference, he unreservedly and humorously reveals his good and his bad moves, revealing at the same time the difficulties of business life. With his outspokenness, he shares his inspiring story and conveys to participants the desire to take action today to pursue their dreams, whether in their professional or personal lives.

A great sportsman, he has completed four marathons, five years of triathlon training and participated in the CEO Endurance World Championship in 2012. Still today, he maintains a one-to-three-hour pace of physical activity per day.

François divides his time between Montreal and his 600-acre land in Outaouais where he grows corn, soya beans and oat. This where he also produces maple syrup, honey and raises chickens, rabbits and sheep, amongst other things.

François Lambert holds a Bachelor's degree in accounting from the Université du Québec en Outaouais.