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A real little François Lambert!

Published by François Lambert le

Alex 19 years old and is an entrepreneur at heart! At 12, he started selling wood on his grandparents' campground to finance his trip to Mexico, and with the surpluses he made, he decided to buy kayaks to rent to campers.

At 17 years, he launched his company: the Spicy beans Alxtreme, which I add today to my online store.

The recipe was developed by his grandparents in the late 90 years after returning from a trip to Louisiana where they tasted these spicy beans in their Bloody Caesar. They did tests to get to the taste and texture they were looking for to offer customers their own bar.

They called it the claws of the devil. But the customers did not put just in their Bloody Caesar, they ate them as they were, put in their beer, in short it was a success! Alex's grandparents once closed their bar and kept their recipe secret.

In 2013, Alex also travels to Louisiana and falls in love with spicy beans. Upon his return, he asks the recipe for his grandparents to market. These refuse. But a few years later ... he was 17 years old !!!

Several years later???... He was 17 years old, baswell!

In short, a few years later, he asks again, and his grandparents agree to share their recipe.

And boom! Alex creates his brand, finds local producers and starts his approach with restaurants in his area to sell his product. He put 1100 pound bean books the 1ere year and 2200 books the 2e year.

In addition to his business, Alex is studying business management at Cégep, selling wood and renting kayaks at his grandparents' camp site, and working in his father's transportation company.

Alex is a hard worker, an entrepreneur at heart.

At the end of the meeting, I told him that he would have made a taboo in the eye of the dragon. And tell him, "Are you sick? I would be too scared to be picked up by me: "You are the story that makes people cry and makes everyone dream ... and I am no longer dragons so no danger of being picked up" ????

And his product ... he is completely addictive! I sincerely believe that it will be a huge success when the product will be known to a wider audience. It's perfect as an aperitif or as an accompaniment. And it's a lot healthier than chips!

What I love more and more with my shop is to discover inspiring young entrepreneurs like Alex and to introduce them to you.

A photo is worth a thousand words, look at this young person next to me, he breathes happiness!