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The repeat business

Published by François Lambert le

The repeat business is the first element that must be looked at as to the durability of a company.

Selling a product once is "relatively easy". Convincing him to buy an 2e once is even more difficult.

I give you a concrete example. In the eye of the dragon, Gaétan and I had invested in the company Croustipomme. We managed to enter all the supermarkets in Quebec. People were buying it ... but only once. Never did people buy it. The main reason they did not feel like they were getting their money's worth ... with good reason. Our cost price was too high and we had to sell the product at a price too high. The customer was not convinced to get value for money. After the first purchase, he did not trust the product.

We finally closed the business.

Take another example: Undz. Customers who do not yet know the product will be more hesitant in their purchase, but once they try them, they buy a lot. Because the underwear is super comfortable and stylish while being affordable.

We are never certain when we do not know a product so we may be hesitant to buy a product. But once purchased, customers come back, and this is the most interesting data to monitor.

Apart from the price and the quality of the product, there is only one element that makes a customer come back: CONFIDENCE!

A customer comes back only because he trusts us, he trusts us because there is a link that has been established.

In the online sales department, trust is established with the speed of delivery. We always worry when ordering .. will it be delivered?

And never forget that trust, it lends itself. The trust belongs to the client, he can take it back at any time and entrust it to your competitor.

Since I opened my online store, many of you have ordered 2,3 or 6x and that's nice to see.

There is even among you, who baffles me in private, because they find my offers too good ;-).