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Entrepreneurship is:

Published by François Lambert le

To do otherwise, to find his niche, to disturb, to think outside the box.

For each market, there is an opportunity, there is a new way of doing things. To succeed, you have to think outside the box and take risks.

We are afraid of risk and yet the risk is not always as great as we think.

I give you a concrete case: my online store! When I started, I had a problem.

My problem? It did not tempt me to sit on the edge of the road to sell my maple products every weekend at the cottage.

I do not have quota so it was my only solution. The only solution? No, because I could also sell online directly to the consumer.

But I found it complicated .... until the first order came in and another and another and we start to make new products. It started with maple butter, maple sugar, maple sugar loaf, and then cotton candy.

All products have been successful and cotton candy has been a here which I did not expect. I am now in several stores besides selling on amazon and of course on my site.

Then, I wanted to innovate so I offered you a subscription (month, 2 months or 3 months) where you receive your products directly at home. Again, it was a success.

I could have done like everyone else and only sell my syrup, but it was not enough. Then, I added honey.

My farm that barely paid for it before became profitable.

Why? I adapted, I offered you quality products and I went dark.

That's entrepreneurship!…