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Make mistakes!

Published by François Lambert le

"It's been 5 years that I'm in business and I've never made mistakes! "

Ah yes? So it's been 5 years that you leave opportunities on the table.

Making mistakes in business is normal and we must even accept to do and especially recognize them.

What is not allowed is to make the same 2 error once.

Our children make the same mistake several times. At 1 year, at 2 years, at 5 years, at 15 years, at 25 years. They make the same mistake because there is no major consequence and most importantly they do not have to pay the bill.

When we pay financially for our mistakes, we learn faster.

Going into business is a trial and error journey and that's why I'd rather have small start-up companies, so we can test the field with 5 $ rather than 50,000 $.

Make mistakes, that's normal! Going bankrupt is often because we refused to accept our mistakes and correct them.