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To be master at home!

Published by François Lambert le

If you did not know yet that I am passionate about maple products and honey, I tell you .

You know that the Federation of Maple Syrup Producers and I have not always been love. It's not love yet, but for my part, I consider it a marriage of convenience. I finally need their syrup to turn into sugar for cotton candy, now meringues and soon popcorn.

So I bought my first barrels last week.

The Federation puts a lot of emphasis on exporting and creating the strategic reserve. In any case, that's what I see and I see reading the info they send me.

When you want to open a new market, you have to do evangelism and it's expensive. I am an atheist ... I hate to spend my money telling people about my product.

I prefer to sell to people who already know the product. I'm not saying do not expand, but when the news of the month is that a very upscale restaurant in Japan uses syrup ... I grimace a little. He uses how much syrup? 10 ml?

Honestly, the Quebec market is still virgin with maple products. The Federation should put the package here.

Why, I know success? Because I make derivatives with a flavor you already know.

Take maple water, for example, it boasts the merits and benefits. Let's be honest, you should drink 8 gallons a day to get the benefits. What we have to sell is the lifestyle.

Same thing for maple butter. Still many Quebeckers have not tasted this delight. It's a must for weekend lunches.

The maple popcorn. You know that what is popping up popcorn in Quebec right now comes from the US? Not for mine, I will do it from Quebec syrup.

Cotton candy is not just a children's delight. The other day, there was good news for one of my companies; there was champagne and cotton candy. Forget the child with the blue face!

It's glamorous and it sounds good to say we've opened a new market and we have to do it.

Here, I give the example of syrup, but this is true for your own market. You have to exploit every facet of a customer who knows the product and then do evangelism.

There are so many opportunities in the market, it's amazing!