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Have the look of the job!

Published by François Lambert le

We all get an idea of ​​the look of people before meeting them. In this case, I was almost certain of the look of the guys I was going to meet. :)

I met Alexis and Francis last Thursday. Francis is the bearded and Alexis the mustache. Alexis had a dream ... having a beard, but he has the same problem as me, he would need 2 lives to have a beard.

I saw a nice picture on their account instagram and I had "liked". Alexis jumped at the opportunity to offer me to try his product. Before Christmas, they sent me their beard oil. I was skeptical, because I had some in the past and it still smelled of fir.

I want to be a guy of wood, but the tree every day does not attract me too much. I try their oil on my goatee and WOW! The skin is soft and I feel good. I have several flavors, but I hardly use them anymore. Even my blonde steals my oil and I put in my humidifier!

This is called "falling in love". These 2 guys are young entrepreneurs with all the willpower. They do not go out or almost not, they work day and night to make known their product and their company.

So I decided to offer thebarbarware elixir on my site!