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Duo of olive oil and balsamic vinegar of olives and delicacies

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Weddings of olive oil and balsamic vinegar that go so well together!

Whether it is to dip your bread, assemble vinaigrette on a salad or a final touch on your favorite dishes, extra virgin olive oil infused and balsamic vinegar of olives and delicacies will charm you ... just like the Italians from where they come from.

Carefully selected and imported here by a passionate entrepreneur, Olives products and delicacies are of exceptional quality and freshness.

All olive oils are certified HOVE (extra virgin olive oil) and are from a first cold pressing offering an incomparable taste and properties beneficial to health.

Quantity: 2x60ml. A choice :

  • Olive oil with blood orange (Italian blood orange oil extract, sweet and slightly acidic taste)
  • Balsamic with tangerine (pleasantly tangy, subtly sweet and rich)
  • Olive oil with lemon (natural flavors of lemon, versatile oil, perfect on fresh pasta and fish)
  • Balsamic with raspberry (rich, unctuous and perfectly balanced, both sweet and tart)
  • Olive oil tuscan herbs (notes of dried basil, garlic, marjoram, oregano, thyme, rosemary and red pepper)
  • Balsamic peach (flavor of ripe peaches freshly picked, fruity and sweet with a touch of acidity)
  • Basil olive oil (product fresh, green and with the scent of herbs)
  • Balsamic strawberry (in combination with basil oil, it's the perfect salad dressing of kale, arugula or spinach)
  • Milanese gremolata olive oil (subtle taste of fresh parsley, lemon and garlic)
  • Balsamic with Sicilian lemon (perfectly balanced acidity, clean and crisp lemon scent)
  • Wild mushrooms and sage oil (da delicious combination of fresh herb sage and savory wild mushrooms)
  • Balsamic Italian herbs (rosemary, marjoram, thyme, garlic and sage)