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Steel Pot Coffee - Mix of Remembrance - Tribute to Veterans

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For the day of remembrance , pay tribute to the women and men who served under the past and present flags and show our gratitude by the battle cross of the fallen soldiers.

The Battle Cross is a symbolic replacement for a cross or marker appropriate to the religion of an individual service member on the battlefield or base camp for a soldier who has been killed.

The goal is to show honor and respect for the dead on the battle site. It still serves as a method of mourning among the living, because attending funerals is not always possible for soldiers still in combat.

Painter Ginette Robitaille, veteran having served from 1985 to 2009.

For every bag of coffee sold, 2 $ will be donated to an organization that helps military, veterans and their families.

Coffee characteristics:

  • Medium bodied.
  • Composed of grains from South America, including Brazil.
  • This versatile and well-balanced blend has pleasant notes of dried fruit and plum.
  • Available in grains and filter